12 Toxins in Your Drinking Water

Nowadays, the topic of water quality has become very common. Sadly, in Flint, Michigan there is a high level of lead in their water due to governance issues, but this is not the only case. Industrial dumping, leaky storage tanks, as well as government mandates have lead to the creation of major water issues worldwide. To inform you more on the water contaminants that can be present in your drinking water, check the list below.

The Worst Toxins in Water


The addition of fluoride to drinking water started in the 40’s in order to minimize tooth decay. Though this sounds like a noble reason, fluoride is a neurotoxin and an endocrine disruptor which has the power to harm the thyroid gland and calcify the pineal one. In some parts of the world, as well as in some U.S. cities, this is a banned substance.


Corroded pipes release up to 10 times more than the allowable lead amount in water. This is a toxic substance to every organ and it is the worst for children. It has been linked to developmental problems, deafness, learning issues, and brain damage. It can also trigger autism, brain cancer, and premature birth.


This is a gasoline additive that makes groundwater undrinkable. Back in 1996, the city of Santa Monica, CA had to shut down 50 percent of its water supply and pay for replacement water. In animal studies, this additive was connected to seizures, fetal problems, and kidney damage.


This herbicide is known to contaminate the soil and water and animal studies have shown that it can cause damage to the kidneys, liver, thyroid, spleen, and the adrenal glands.


Before 1965, this substance was used as a pesticide before it was banned. Nonetheless, it is still a by-product from the production of other chemicals and an exposure to a larger amount can be deadly. It is also classified by the EPA as a potential source of cancer.


Due to its disinfectant characteristics, it is used for cleaning products and swimming pools, as well as for sanitization of sewage and industrial waste. Though it is not entirely safe, chlorine is put into drinking water with cleansing purposes. Exposure to it can trigger respiratory issues and damage the cells and lead to memory loss.


Mercury is very toxic and it can lead to nerve and brain damage, cognitive issues, headaches, weakness, tremors, mood swings, loss of memory, and skin rashes. It is a by-product of industrial practices and mining and it can linger in the atmosphere and go halfway through the globe with the winds.


These chemicals are often used in industries for machinery oil, additives, electronics, paints, etc. Although they were prohibited back in 1979, they are present in landfills and cause an environmental issue. They break down gradually and penetrate the soil. Unfortunately, they were discovered in sea water and snow thousands of miles from their production area. It can be detrimental for the endocrine, immune, and reproductive systems.


The environment can become contaminated with it due to irregular removal of waste. It has been linked to abdominal ache, cancer, diarrhea, and even death. Blackfoot disease in Taiwan is caused by arsenic and it is a gangrene type which kills blood vessels and leads to rotting.


In the 40’s, this chemical was used to fight off malaria and typhus and it became widely spread as an agricultural insecticide until its banning in the U.S. in the 70’s as a result of environmental problems. In animal tests, it was discovered that it can trigger reproductive problems and damage the liver. It is also known to cause cancer.


These are elements used in explosives and rocket fuel and they are slowly dissolved and enter the groundwater from industrial and military sites. Sadly, if tested, we would all be positive for these chemicals and they are known to severely attack the thyroid gland.


They are emitted during the process of combustion, i.e. during forest fires, cigarette smoke, and burning of oil and coal and hazardous waste. They penetrate the environment and reduce the water quality. When it comes to the impact on our health, it can cause serious problems with the reproduction, the endocrine system, and the immunity. It was also linked to stillbirth.


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