9 Types of Pain That Are Directly Linked to Emotional States

Though there are a lot of evidence proving the power of maintaining a balance between the body and mind for an optimal health,  conventional medicine rarely recognizes such claims. Sadly, this is why a lot of people are unaware of the link between one’s physical and emotional health and they continue suffering from serious health problems that may be resolved with the help of proper rebalancing methods. This being said, in today’s article we decided to share the nine most common types of physical pain that are closely linked to emotional states and how to adress them best.

Physical Pain Related to Emotional States

Pain in the shoulders

If you have been experiencing chronic ache in the shoulders, you may be carrying a big emotional baggage due to some problem/s. To make the pain go away, you need to find a viable solution to the issues you are having.

Pain in the knees

Sometimes, knee ache may be a symptom of a big ego and a person who is taking life too seriously. What you need to focus to instead is to learn that we are all mortals; it is also recommendable to do some volunteering work.

Pain in the hips

In a lot of situations, people experience hip pain due to an inability to make changes in their life or due to being overly-cautious decision makers. Try meditation or breathing techniques to relax your body and mind and prevent overthinking; you also need to learn that there is nothing wrong in being spontaneous from time to time.

Pain in the elbows

Experiencing chronic pain in the elbows may be related to some kind of resistance to making changes in your life. To prevent this from happening, do not take on too many responsibilities and learn how to compromise.

Pain in the lower back

You may be too concerned regarding finances. To improve the situation,  you can always better your financial planning or ask for a raise at work, if possible.

Pain in the hands

In a lot of cases, this is an indicator that a person is not reaching other people in the adequate way. To change this, go out more, build new friendships, go to lunch with co-workers, etc.

Pain in the upper back

When a person is prone to chronic ache in the upper part of the back, he or she may be lacking emotional support and they do not get enough love. To solve this problem, you need to hang out with friends more and go out more frequently;  in this way, you will find your romantic match who will offer the needed support much sooner than you have thought.

Pain in the neck

This may be a signal of you being unable to forgive something or someone or maybe yourself. In this situation, it is the best to think about the things you like about that particular person or things you like about yourself so that you can move on easier.


Frequent headaches may be an alarming signal for excessive stress. This is why it is pivotal to spare time to relax and minimize the stress.

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