How Does Your Body, Body Cells, and Lungs Use Oxygen?

How the Body Uses Oxygen

Oxygen is a colorless and odorless gas which is pivotal for life and life could not exist without it. When the earth became oxygen-rich, one-celled organisms began to exist and created their own energy by taking in water and sunlight, as well as the existing gasses in the atmosphere.

They released a waste gas known as oxygen. Through eons, this gas built up in larger amounts and other life forms evolved in order to benefit from it. All animal life originates from these simple oxygen-breathing creatures.

Respiration Explained

Our bodies need oxygen to function. The body receives oxygen and releases waste gas known as carbon dioxide and this process is known as respiration. We have two types, one is anaerobic and the other one is aerobic. The former does not use oxygen and it is a characteristic of one-celled organism whereas the latter is that in animals and humans. In this case, oxygen is used within the cell with an energy-creating purpose.

When we breathe, air goes into air sacs into the lungs known as alveoli and oxygen passes through their walls and into the blood and then the blood transports the oxygen to all cells in the body where it assists the conversion of nutrients into energy. Oxygen is also what makes the blood red; without it, it is blue.

Do We Breathe only Oxygen?

No. Actually, only 21 percent of the atmosphere air is oxygen whereas nitrogen makes up 78 percent. The other 1 percent is comprised of carbon dioxide, argon, and other trace gasses. Sadly, nowadays, the air we breathe is filled with dangerous pollutants that contribute to serious health issues.

The Importance of Clean Air

A higher level of oxygen helps the body’s cells and processes to function optimally. So, more oxygen means better health.

The Need for Cleansing

Besides clean air, our nutrition is also crucial. There are cases when one cannot process sugars, proteins, fats, or vitamins adequately, which may be a consequence of a blockage or an obstruction in the digestive tract.

To solve this problem, we should turn to cleansing that will eliminate all impurities in our bodies that have entered through the air we breathe, the food we eat, the environment we live in, and the water we drink. You may not have known by now, but oxygen can assist the body in its detoxifying processes. Namely, as the body has its own cleansing methods, oxygen gives them a potent boost and treat any blockages.

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