Ladies: Here Are 7 Things That Men Do Not Find Attractive (No.3 Will Shock You)

Though most women think that they know what men like and do not like, not all of them are right. Namely, most men have specific aspects in women that they do not find attractive and it may be holding them back from approaching you romantically. Therefore ladies, if you are still wondering why you are single, make sure you check out the list below!

9 Things Men Hate Seeing in Women

Dark lipstick

Although this is one of the latest makeup trends, most men are ‘turned off’ when they notice the stains on your teeth from the dark shade of lipstick. Opt for lighter tones when you are on a date.

Bad breath

The truth is that no one likes talking to a person or kissing someone whose breath ricks. Make sure you always clean your teeth before meeting up with your partner or chew a gum if you are in a hurry.

Fake eyelashes

Artificial eyelashes or plenty of mascara can really put off men. They prefer eyelashes that are naturally looking.

Shiny makeup

More is not always good and this is why you should go with matte makeup if you want to seduce your crush.

Yellow teeth

Everyone is annoyed by yellow teeth, not just men. You need to maintain your oral hygiene at an optimal level and consult your dentist about how to improve your smile because this is your biggest ‘weapon’!

Complicated hairstyle

With certainty, men prefer being with women who have long, soft, and silky hair instead of being with someone who needs hours and hours and too many hair products to make their hair.

Excessive use of makeup

Men dislike women who put on too much makeup because they want to see the real and natural you. A simple lip gloss and a bit of blush will do the trick.

Too much perfume

Sorry ladies, spraying too much perfume before your date will lower your chances for success because though men like women who smell nice, they detest it when they are disturbed by the excessive presence of the perfume.

Greasy or dry skin

Regardless of how physically attractive you are, men will be put off immediately if they notice that you are not taking proper care of your skin and you have too dry or too greasy hands or face.

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