The Health Benefits of Sleeping Naked

Sadly, a large number of U.S. citizens suffer from insomnia and more than a third of American adults are lacking quality sleep. Insufficient sleep is known to elevate the chance for diabetes, obesity, cognition issues, and poor immunity. To solve this problem, a lot of Americans take sleeping pills and this number was approximately 9 million in 2013. This is definitely concerning if we take into consideration that these meds can lead to addiction and have other serious side effects too.

Why Should You Sleep Naked?

You may not have known by now, but temperature does influence the quality of sleep and the sleep patterns. According to studies, cooler temperatures are more appropriate for sleeping. Namely, adequate temperature triggers the release of the sleep hormone known as melatonin. The best room temperature for sleeping is around 65 degrees Fahrenheit. Any increase in the temperature caused by too much blankets or pajamas can cause waking up. So, the next time you go to sleep, do not put on pajamas and enjoy your sleep nude.

Other Benefits of Sleeping Naked

Betters the mood

Sleep is good for a healthy brain because during waking hours, the brain collects a toxic protein to the nerve cells known as beta-amyloid and when we fall asleep, the body signals specific cells in the brain to open up and eliminate these toxins. Sleeping without pajamas will increase this secretion even more and you will feel much refreshed the following morning.

Contributes to your sexual life

Sleeping nude will elevate the chances for sex, but there is more to this than easier access. Namely, skin to skin is known to trigger the release of oxytocin or the hormone of love that increases the feelings of emotional closeness and attachment and enhances the mood for lovemaking.

Elevates the sperm count

The best temperature for production of sperm is several degrees cooler than the temperature of the body. However, tight underwear can warm up the testes too much and impede the proper production. So, sleeping without undies will improve the quality of the sperm and elevate the count.

It is good for the vagina

Sleeping naked will regulate the pH balance and airing out the vagina will avert the risk of yeast which is known to thrive in moist conditions.

Triggers weight loss

When you do not get enough sleep, the hunger hormones will be negatively affected and you will be more prone to obesity and weight gain. Leptin is a hormone which lowers the appetite and it is naturally created when one is in the deeper stages of sleep. But, when you do not get enough sleep, your hunger will increase and you end up eating more. What’s more, sleeping naked will help you fall asleep quicker and assist you in balancing your hormones.

Beneficial for the hair and skin

Cortisol, a hormone, is produced by the body as an answer to stress and low blood sugar. But, insufficient hours of sleep can lead to a higher level of cortisol which can hinder the growth hormone and cause skin and hair problems.

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