This Is How Headaches Reveal What Is Wrong with Your Health (and How to Cure It Naturally)

The truth is, there is rarely a person who has not experienced a headache at least once in his/her lifetime. Hence, we constantly search for efficient methods to treat them fast and safely, however, we often fail in our search and we reach for over-the-counter meds; unfortunately, they come with serious side effects that can additionally worsen our health.

Why Do We Have Headaches?

There are a lot of contributing factors and there are also several types of headaches. To treat them properly, we need to find the underlying causes for it. You can experience a strong headache due to tiredness, stress, dehydration, but sometimes, it can be an indicator of some more serious health issues.

Different Types of Headaches and Natural Treatments

Cluster headaches

They are more common in women and are usually felt in the upper area of the eye and it is of recurring nature in a cycle. It will appear all of a sudden and the ache is usually severe. Other symptoms that happen with it are watery eyes, runny nose, or clogged nose. Though the main reason for it has not yet been determined, some experts claim that it happens when a nerve pathway is activated in the brain’s base.

A successful natural remedy for this type of headache is capsaicin cream. Apply a small amount under the nostrils to block the nerve pain signals.

Tension headache

This is the most commonly-occurring headache and one will experience a pressure or ache around the head, usually in the back of the head, the neck area, and the temples. Some even report a radiating pain below or above the eyes and even nausea and vomiting. In most cases, it is a result of too much stress which contracts the neck and scalp muscles.

Mix equal amounts of ginger tea and peppermint oil and apply it gently onto the hairline. Its cooling sensation will relax the neck and head muscles. You can also drink ginger tea to lower inflammation.

Sinus headache

Sinus headaches are not uncommon in people who experience sinus inflammation. The ache is rather severe and it can happen because of an infection and create a feeling of pressure in the eyes, forehead, and cheeks, as well as fever.

Drink as much liquids as possible, preferably warm water that will decrease the inflammation and open up the sinuses. You should also eat more oranges and other healthy foods abundant in vitamin C because antioxidants are known to aid the body in fighting off the infection. What’s more, you can also try hot and cold compresses.


Though it is more common in females between the age of 25 and 55, everyone is prone to them, regardless of age and gender. According to statistics, around 38 million Americans suffer from it. This is a complicated headache disorder and it involves various neurological signs. It is manifested by an intense and throbbing pain in one part or both parts of the head. A migraine sufferer is also prone to dizziness, nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to light, smell, sound, and touch, and tingling or numb sensation in the facial area.

According to some recent studies, a lot of migraine patients have benefited from the intake of riboflavin, magnesium, and omega-3 fatty acids. Another study from 2011 showed that aerobic workout can be beneficial in averting migraine attacks.


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