What Happens when We Eat Sugar? Why Is Refined Sugar Toxic to Us?

Though most people know that sugar is not healthy, not everyone is aware of all its adverse affects. Similarly to high fructose corn syrup, refined sugar is just empty calories and it can lead to addiction. Unfortunately, nowadays, sugar is present in a lot of products and it is nearly impossible to avoid it.

Why Is Refined Sugar Toxic to Us?

Through the process of refining, sugar is depleted of its vitamins and minerals and what remains are refined carbohydrates which the body is unable to use. In plants, these elements are sufficient so that the carbohydrates from them can be metabolized. Incomplete metabolism of carbohydrates can lead to toxic metabolite. These metabolites impede the cells’ respiration and averts their normal functioning. Over time, this can result in death of the cells and consequently, degenerative illnesses. What’s more, surplus intake of sugar has a negative influence on every organ.

What Happens when We Eat Sugar?

Sugar is first stored in the liver and when the liver becomes overburdened, surplus sugar or glycogen is sent back to the blood into the form of fatty acids. They are kept in the heart and kidneys. This causes tissue degeneration and they turn into fat.

Sugar is also associated with diabetes epidemic and in the U.S., around 30 million people have this condition and one in every four Americans is not even aware that they have this issue.

The Marketing Tactics of the Sugar Industry

The sugar industry has invested billions of dollars into finding creative methods to convince consumers that sugar products are healthy. They also rebranded sugar as “carbohydrates” to create the impression that sugars are same like other carbs. To illustrate, apple and maple oatmeal sounds like a vegetarian and nutritious when it actually has 31 grams of sugar which is not healthy at all.

The Negative Effect of Sugar on the Digestion

When complex sugars and starch are digested, they are broken down into monosaccharides that cannot be used by the body; for example, acetic acid, alcohol, and carbon dioxide. During the digestion of proteins taken together with sugar, they are dissolved into nonusable substances which are practically poisonous.

The Negative Effects of Sugar

  • Cause inflammation in the body
  • Triggers tooth decay
  • Impedes proper digestion
  • Has a negative effect on the brain
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