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The Oils That Can Help You Fix Your Hormones

As many of  you may already know, herbs have strogn medicinal abilities and are considered to be a natural cure for restoration of the hormonal balance in the body. Some of these herbs are thyme, myrtle, lavender, sandalwood, holy basi, and clary sage. The hormonal balance is regulated by the […]

Thyroid Supplements: How to Pick the Best One

Around 20 million people in the U.S. have some kind of thyroid imbalance. What’s more, finding the proper supplements to better the functioning of the thyroid is not always straightforward due to the abundance of pills and potions whose labels claim that they are the best solution for thyroid issues. […]

What Are the Health Benefits of Passion Flower?

Passion flower is native to North and South America and a lot of different species of it are grown throughout the world due to their colorful flowers and delicious fruits. But, this plant also has one-of-a-kind healing properties and it has long been used as a sedative, stress reducer, and […]

If you Have Back Pain, You Need to Try These 8 Yoga Poses

Unfortunately, lower back pain is very common among the American population and according to the latest reports by Mayo Clinic; everyone can suffer from it, i.e. both office workers and athletes. Even though the pain is rather intense, in most cases, it is only temporary. In severe situations however, there […]